Case Studies

This specific study documents and explores how Senti community in Lilongwe pools monthly collected community savings to address some of the challenges in their settlement. They also use this initiative to advocate and build partnership with other stakeholders.

Building representation and partnerships - Chikanda, Zomba

This specific case study on Zomba explores the reestablishment of Ward Development Committees (WDCs), Community Development Committees (CDCs) in Zomba as a whole and explores a participatory planning process in the informal settlement of Chikanda.

Negotiating services through community committees - Ndirande Makata, Blantyre

This specific case study on Ndirande Makata settlement in Blantyre City explores how organized communities engage with service providers, the City Council and other relevant stakeholders to reach solutions to problems faced in their settlement.

Participatory slum upgrading and studio planning in Salisburyline, Mzuzu

This specific case study from Mzuzu focuses on the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP) facilitated by UN Habitat, and the collaboration between Mzuzu University, CCODE, the Federation of the Rural and Urban Poor, Slum Dwellers International and settlement representatives in a studio planning exercise in Salisburyline, Mzuzu.

From plans to action: Mobilizing funds and credit for slum upgrading in Nancholi, Blantyre

This specific case study on Nancholi Chiimire settlement in Blantyre city explores how organized communities engage with the City Council, NGOs, and its politicians to raise funds and access loans for slum upgrading in their settlements.

Participatory Budgeting in Blantyre

This specific case study from Blantyre focuses on the Participatory Budgeting processes conducted in 2013 and 2014.