Development of Poor People’s Organisations

CCODE is a support NGO for the organisations of the poor. By 2019, we want to see strong and responsive organisations of the poor. Our goal is to “build and /or capacitate responsive, transparent and result-oriented poor people’s organisations”. We will mobilize poor people’s groups in the various areas of their endeavours and nurture their leadership to best serve the needs of the communities they represent.

While we remain an adaptable learning organization, we have the following strategies in our quest to build resilient poor people’s organisations:

  • Build and organise poor people’s organisations
  • Train and mentor leadership of the organisations of the poor
  • Promote community to community exchanges and create regular platforms for learning
  • Leverage funding to support and enhance initiatives and activities of poor people’s organisations.
  • Nurture and introduce platforms for networking among poor people’s organisations
  • Showcase innovative poor people’s approaches to development

Our Targets

  • By 2019, conduct 5 national level symposiums of the poor people’s organisations (at least one per year) as platform to showcase achievements and enhance learning
  • By 2019, mobilize and empower interested poor people’s organisations in the areas of governance, financial management and advocacy
  • By 2019, all organised poor people’s organisations are able to leverage funding to support their initiatives.


Strong organisations of the poor working towards better inclusive and sustainable societies.