Our Approach

When working with the Federation, CCODE follows three main strategies:

Engage: in this approach CCODE assists the Federation to mobilize people living in poor communities, facilitate them to become actively engaged in development activities and work together to prioritize and effect change. Community savings and loans groups constitute the foundation for their involvement.

Empower: CCODE provides training and expertise to poor communities and establish legitimate forums for these communities to engage in dialogue with their local authorities. In addition, CCODE facilitates community-to-community learning through exchange visits that allow communities to share views and explore new areas of knowledge.

Support: the organisation offers the necessary resources and technical support to implement solutions including among others: providing capital for homes, home improvement projects, sanitation facilities and small businesses; designing and planning services and sanitation facilities for low income housing communities; introducing new technologies in the area of water, sanitation and renewable energy, and identifying income generating opportunities as well as providing skills-based training to poor communities.