Skills and Livelihoods

Empowering poor people socio-economically through income generating activities will be an integral component in our programmes. By 2019, we want to see more young people and women groups earning a decent living through skills that we have helped to nurture. Our demand driven support will be directed to innovative enterprises for the urban and rural poor.

Our goal under the skills and livelihoods theme is to “improve entrepreneurship and livelihoods opportunities for rural and urban poor for socio-economic self reliance.” We will achieve this through the following strategies:

  • Expanding and promoting a savings culture among communities through ‘savings for a purpose approach’
  • Providing new business skills based on demand and community needs
  • Supporting poor people’s organisations to leverage business finance through partnerships with different players
  • Streamlining income generating activities in slum upgrading and infrastructure projects
  • Expanding infrastructure to support organised poor people’s businesses
  • Improve learning and research on effective-empowering business models.

Our targets

  • By 2019, all established savings groups are investing their savings in productive activities
  • By 2019, 75 %, of businesses have proper records and are able leverage capital from external financiers
  • By 2019, 30 % of entrepreneurs have graduated into formal businesses
  • By 2019, 80 % of entrepreneur groups have access to markets and physical infrastructure to facilitate their businesses.
  • By 2019, develop a comprehensive database of entrepreneurs and system for monitoring performance of businesses
  • By 2019, initiate and support at least 20 entrepreneur groups of women and young people.

Key Activities

  • Mentoring and establishing savings and loan groups
  • Business development trainings
  • Market research and dissemination
  • Market infrastructure projects
  • Stakeholder engagements and partnerships development
  • Promotion of role model groups
  • Learning exchanges
  • Establishing business and market linkages


More people empowered to meet their needs and sustain their livelihoods and attaining social-economic mobility while creating better futures for posterity.